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Reports A simple table-based screen report showing current Hires/Reservations and Current Client details. With a simple click of the Export link, turn these screen reports into a MS Excel Spreadsheet where you can use the information for business planning, email outs, newsletters and much more.

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Pick-ups & Drop-offs

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Pick-ups & Drop-offs An easy to follow at-a-glance diary that shows you via a colour-coded Calendar and Simple Table Layout when hires are due to go out or come back in. A quick and easy display that provides a ready reference to keep track of stock movement particularly during Peak Periods.

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Customer Booking Form

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Customer Form This is what the customer sees. Once you create the form for your customers to complete, it HAS to display on the webpage you chose during your registration process*. To do this, you must add the code that you will see in the panel at the bottom of the form you create. Simply…

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Payment Types

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Payment Types Ezibook allows you to control how each form functions. The 3 payment options for the Customer Form available are Bond/Deposit Only – PayPal, eWay, Commbank or Stripe Full Amount – PayPal, eWay, Commbank or Stripe Manual Payment – not processed through PayPal, eWay, Commbank or Stripe The Customer Form and the Backend Form…

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Manual Bookings & Requests

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Booking & Requests The main area for the Administrator to view and manually add Bookings. View Pending Booking requests (Unpaid) Manually add a Booking View current Bookings (Paid or settled) Edit Booking Requests. If the client changes their mind, you can easily edit dates and then handle any extra charges / refunds due. Delete Booking…

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Custom Forms

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Custom Built Booking Form You have the ability to custom build your Booking Form. It will be displayed on YOUR webpage of your choosing (Part of your Registration Process). Add – Text Fields Email Fields Numeric Fields Textarea Fields All these fields can be selected as Mandatory or Optional. This Booking Form is used both…

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User Dashboard

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User Dashboard Submenu contains My Profile – Provides a complete overview of your account details. Settings – Where you can change your password Select how many records to display on a page Assign a tax code and percentage EG GST 10% Set your Terms and Conditions Update your PayPal Account Email Address ( if you do…

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Optional Extras

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Optional Extras Extras are your opportunity to upsell and value add. They are those additional items and/or accessories that make their experience or use of your product/service even better. An example – Hiring a Camper Trailer and being able to offer optional extras that they can select individually such as – Table/Chairs Linen Cutlery Camp…

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Items Setup

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Items Setup Items are the stock or inventory of the product that you have available for hire associated with a CATEGORY TYPE. Using the example above of the Pizza Oven for hire… The Items could be No.1 Oven No.2 Oven No.3 Oven That means you have 3 Ovens for hire at any one time. Set…

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Category Setup

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Category Setup Add the packages (Category/Types) that your potential clients can choose from. This is what your customer books. The combination and use of Types, Items and Extras are what makes Ezibook so versatile. Your use of these functions gives Ezibook the ability to work for almost any type of booking. Promote single items (EG…

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